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Top 5 Benefits of Outdoor Training

Outdoor exercise in a natural setting (i.e sea, parks, fields, rivers) has plenty of health-enhancing benefits that we will highlight in this article. Exercising outdoors combines the best of both worlds by helping you step outside for fresh air and boost your physical and mental health.

Here are five benefits of getting your sweat on with outdoor workout!

1.Improving your mood

Outdoor exercise provides a mental health boost, improves your cognitive ability and brain memory. If you’re working from home and stuck in a rut, try grabbing lunch outside or take a walk to your nearest cafe. This short bout of increased physical activity can immediately put you in a better and more productive mood.

2.Healthy dose of Vit-D

Our bodies create Vitamin D when sunlight hits our skin, Vitamin D offers significant immune-boosting benefits, as well as playing an important role in the maintenance of healthy bones, teeth and muscles.

3. Inhale the fresh air

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to live close to a park or the coastlines but a short walk or run outside increases vitality and enhances your health. When you start moving more, your body will automatically start to get healthier.

4. Open space creates a safer environment

We live in interesting times where the more open space we have while exercising, the safer it is for everyone. All you need for a quick effective workout is a good set of earphones and a fun workout program that you can easily choose from online or book an instructor with us!

5. Try something new and challenge yourself.

If you’re tired of being stuck indoors all day in an office setting or working from home, why not try to take your workout outdoors. Most exercise programs are versatile and easy to replicate in an outdoor setting which may be even more challenging! Trick your body into trying a new workout to burn extra calories and fat. Personal Trainers often have a range of equipment that can be used outdoors, such as dumbbells and barbells, so training outdoors is one sure way of taking your workout to the next level and keeping things interesting!

Find a personal trainer on our page and get in touch with the personal trainer who best suits you or click HERE to book a session with us!

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