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Fitness, Fun & Empowerment: A Look Back at #EmpowerHerFitness

Hey there, the Qintensity community! On April 15th, 2023, an amazing group of women came together at Horizon in Causeway Bay for the #EmpowerHerFitness event.

This fun-filled day was part of the bigger #EmpowerHer campaign, created by the fabulous Tia Lee to support female-centric causes worldwide.

We kicked off the day with a high-energy HIIT class led by the awesome JACQUI S and mellowed out with a yoga session by IDA HUI.

Check out the video highlight below:

The combo of both classes made sure everyone left feeling empowered and inspired!

It's all about taking charge of our own well-being and supporting each other. Remember, ladies; it's time to say goodbye to whatever's holding us back and embrace our strength!

The event was a total hit, spreading the message of women's empowerment and boosting the #EmpoweHer campaign. So, let's keep the momentum going and continue to lift each other up as we strive for equality!

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