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Our Top 3 Favourite Workout At Home Videos

Here's our favourite top 3 workout videos from our youtube playlist, specially curated by Qintensity coaches in collaboration with our music partner: Warner Music Hong Kong! A quick, feel-good workout that requires no equipment and a small space to place your mat.

Here we go!

3-mins full body home workout

Coach Phoebe Wong

🎶 - Physical by Dua Lipa

Catch yourself dancing to this beat and keeping up with phoebe. A quick 3-minutes workout to get your heart pumping and smiling throughout the day.

3-mins Energizing Yoga Flow

Coach Mandy Cheung

🎶 - Dan + Shay - 10000 hours (ft. Justin Bieber)

This one is for the yogis in the house. Who doesn't want to wake up to a cozy romantic vibe and a beautiful flow to kickstart the day?

10-mins Lower Body Workout

Coach C Long

🎶 - 2020 Top Hits

If you've got a bit more time, this video works to tone up your lower body: booty and legs! Do 3 rounds of this exercise and you've squeezed in a 30-minutes workout. Tell us if you're not sore after this!

It was difficult to round up our top 3 favourite videos when every video was a great workout in their own right. We challenge you to complete all the video workouts and let us know which is YOUR favourite.

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