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Newly Launched : Fit&Well Festival

The Qintensity Fitness Limited, Hong Kong’s independent wellness consultant, proudly announces the launching of the “Fit & Well Festival '';partnered with the Central Venue Management Limited, powered by Sweaty Betty, sponsored by Cigna Hong Kong, CircleDNA and Circle Snapshot.

The Qintensity Fitness Limited (QFL) has been devoted to creating health-conscious interpersonal connections through fitness classes, corporate health and wellness programs and community-driven events advocating all-rounded benefits of exercises and its unifying power. Seasoned in organising public events, the “Fit & Well Festival '' features four unique elements.

1. Centre Stage Workout with the Best Boutique Gyms
2. Family Activity Zone

There will be free sports trials and workshops for kids and parents alike. Try your hand at lacrosse or self defence or join in a yoga partner workout session at the family active zone.

3. A Wellness Marketplace

Featuring talent and products from local players, be sure to be enticed by the wonderful products that will enhance your well-being, one way or another.

4. Mini Pet-Friendly Area

Kelly animals shelter will bring along with them a couple of furries that can be adopted on site and prepare a mini pet play area for furries to make other furry friends.

Continuing QFL’s core values, the “Fit & Well Festival'' aims to encourage the public to adapt an active lifestyle by introducing them to fun and new physical activities; educate the public on the importance of exercise to their physical and mental health and; serve as a platform to connect the public to local independent boutique gyms, studios and businesses.

For pre-registration online, check out the link here:

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