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Celebrate Christmas with Qintensity Community

Christmas is around the corner!!
Qintensity hosted two Christmas parties for our members on the 6th & 7th of December.

What's a better combo than

free food + drinks + workout + friends?

6th Dec: Killers HIIT workout with a pizza party near the wonderful night views of the Victoria Habour!

7 Dec: Morning yoga session with Christmas gifts and puppies!

18 Dec: Qintensity Team Annual Dinner 2022

Healthy Tips for this Festive Holidays

Let's enjoy this festive season with no food guilt! Happiness and joyful moments with family and friends are meant to be enjoyed!

Just some easy Christmas Healthy Tips from our team to yours:

  1. How to stay active this Christmas? In between the parties, gatherings and annual dinners, what can you do to stay active and healthy? We suggest going light and easy with your exercise routine, such as walking your dogs with your Christmas sweaters or doing your last minute Christmas shopping. You will be surprised how many steps you can accumulate while doing something you enjoy.

  2. Have well-balanced meals. Do not save up the calories for the big Christmas dinner. You are more likely to overeat if doing so.

  3. You will not gain a crazy amount of weight from a day or two of indulging. Treat yourself mindfully, listen to your body when you are full and split up the yummy leftovers throughout the week.

  4. Slowly get back to your fitness routine refreshed with from the eventful Christmas and New Year Holidays. Start with a relaxing yoga stretch class or a brisk walk session around the park and keep your motivation high!

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