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5 things I wish I had known before I started to workout

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

We promise to pick up exercise habits. We have a grant scheme, and big goals planned to achieve by the end of X weeks. However, the hiccups we all encounter as a workout newbie just make working out hard to fall in love with.

Try to tick most of the boxes below to ensure a sustainable exercise habit.

1. Don’t try to do it alone

There will be days when you feel like you do not even want to get out of your bed, let alone going to the gym or park.

This will happen to everyone eventually, and having a support group/community would definitely help.

Sometimes, we just need that one message or phone call to push, that little push to get us to continue with what we started.

2. Finding your inner reason

I want to lose weight, I want to look bigger, I want to be healthier..etc.

These surface answers wouldn't cut it. Why? Why do you want to lose weight, why do you want to look bigger?

You need a reason behind what you do, in order to stick with your game plan. After all the journey will be bumpy, and you will need proper motivation when you run out of your “kick start excitement”.

3. Professional Fitness or Health Coach is recommended

Walking in a gym full of muscular people and machines could be intimidating,

IF someone could be there with you and go over what you needed to focus on and instruct you on how everything works would definitely make the journey a lot easier.

One of the biggest setbacks is injury, so building a good foundation would be the key to your success.

4. Focus on your priorities

Which supplements should I take? Do I need to take fish oil or protein powder everyday to grow my muscle?

Yes, there is a lot of information on diet, supplements, and ways to get your body into your dream shape.

But the TRUTH is if you don’t exercise regularly, you don’t rest well, the buckets of supplements you bought in your shelf would not matter.

So prioritize your eating habit, exercise habit, and rest, then you can seek supplements to enhance your workout.

5.Record your workout

Whether writing your workout plan on a journal or your computer. Always keep a record!

The record can show your progression overtime, and it helps to keep yourself accountable.

Progress doesn't show on the surface when you stand in front of the mirror, but the number of reps and time you put in your workout doesn't lie.

Tick all the boxes and you are ready to go!

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