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Prenatal Fitness Program

Here at Qintensity we truly believe that mothers are the core of families, a glue that is holding the whole family together. So, we would like to start from there. Taking care of mothers during their pregnancy offers lifelong benefits long after delivery. Our prenatal fitness programs are conducted in the comfort of their own home, each at their own pace and time. Every mother will be at different stage of their pregnancy, therefore having different needs at each stage. Each program delivered is customised for the mother's physical and mental health, preparing you for the most positive birth experience.


This is my first prenatal yoga class. Charlotte is caring, patient and so knowledgeable. I feel great at the end of the class, both physically and emotionally 

Kay Law




在上課時,老師除了教授瑜伽動作,也會有呼吸練習讓我放鬆和分享一些懷孕知識,老師也十分耐性地聆聽我的傾訴。 每次下課都會令我覺得很舒服💗

Viviana Li

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Whether you're interested to start a prenatal program or want to know more about how to start hypnobirth to prepare for  labour, speak with our team to find the best fit program for you and your baby. 

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