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5 Yoga Poses To Do After Eating Too Much Lin Go during CNY

We have to admit one of the best thing about Chinese New Year is the food. It's so easy to overindulge and feel bloated after a big meal and we don't blame ya!

Yoga is a natural cure for stomach discomfort instead of flopping back on the coach. With a combination of deep breathing, twists and stretches that target abdominal organs, this sequence relieves a wide range of digestive discomfort.


Before the starting the sequence, I invite you to take few minutes for belly breath. Breathing is helps to massage your organs, move blockages and help you to relax physically and mentally as your digestive systems fire up. You can keep this breathing routine during the practice.

- Inhale through your nose, feel your belly expand and push out.

- Exhale through your nose, feel your belly contract and fall.


1. Full Wind Pose

- Gently hold your knees towards ribcage

- Don't need to press

- Feel your back relaxed


2. Spinal Twist

- Turn to right side into a fetal position

- Keep your knee tucked in close

- Extend the right leg

- Reach left arms up and open chest and shoulder to the left

- Allow left arm & possibly shoulder to rest on the mat

* Repeat other side


3. Bridge Pose

- Place your feet flat on the mat

- Bring the heels in close

- Feet & hips hip distance apart

- Tuck tailbone, and lift your spine & hips off the mat

- Engage your leg so your knee press forward & keep tailbone tucking


4-5. Cat / Cow Pose

Cow Pose *

- Cross ankles seated position

- Place hands on your knees

- Inhale lift your chest and chin

Cat Pose *

- Exhale tuck your chin and cave your chest


Hope these simple poses could make you feel better. Happy Chinese New Year !

Written by : Charlotte Chiu (Yoga Instructor)

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